Settlement of the Skechers Shape-Ups Lawsuit

February 11, 2022 by Lewis
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The judge dismissed the Skechers Shape-ups lawsuit, citing a flaw in the company’s advertisement. Those who bought the shoes between 2008 and 2012 said they were unstable, but the company denied any fault. A second flaw was revealed when the plaintiff fell in the shoes while performing a yoga pose. The rocker-bottomed exercise shoes were allegedly designed to prevent injury, but that wasn’t enough to keep the women from suing.

Despite its marketing strategy, the Skechers Shape-ups lawsuit isn’t over yet.

The company has agreed to pay $40 million to settle the claims of thousands of consumers. The payout will be based on the number of claims made and the period in which the claim was made. If there are enough lawsuits, Skechers will have to refund the money to the consumers. The settlement will be split between the two sides.

A settlement agreement was reached with the FTC after a class-action suit was filed. The company has agreed to refund consumers $40 million for their losses. The settlement will cover more than 520,000 claims regarding the shape-ups that were endorsed by Kim Kardashian. The shoe brand marketed the product from 2012 onward as a way to tone up women’s thighs and behinds. The lawsuit alleges that the company made unsubstantiated claims in its ad and failed to warn the public about the problems associated with the toning shoes.

Those who have suffered an injury due to the Shape-Ups have a legal claim that Skechers should pay $40 million to consumers.

The shoe company has settled the lawsuit by agreeing to refund consumers. However, the refund process relies on the honor system and is not an easy one. For many people, it is difficult to return the product, as it is not as easy as it sounds. But this is an important step for Skechers in the long run.

The lawsuit against Skechers claims that the brand deceived consumers by advertising its Shape-Ups toning exercises. The shoe company has also been accused of claiming that the shoes would tone muscles. These claims were unfounded, and the case is still ongoing. However, the Skechers Shape-Ups lawsuit has been settled out of court. But the company is facing a massive amount of legal expenses.

The Shape-Ups are not very stable and can cause injuries. Its rounded bottom causes instability, which can result in falls and fractures.

Several people have lost their ankles and even their hips after falling in these shoes. Aside from being unstable, the curved sole of the Shape-Ups makes them prone to falls. A lack of stability is the major cause of the injury. The shoe’s built-in instability makes it possible for an individual to fall.

The plaintiff claims that her shoes caused her to fall. The rounded bottom of the Shape-Ups caused her to slip, resulting in intense pain in her knee. She sought medical attention immediately after the fall and was diagnosed with a torn meniscus. She was able to return the shoes to the store, but it was difficult to get a refund. A judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff and the consumer.

The Shape-ups ad claimed to promote muscle toning.

It was marketed by Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke. The shoes also featured the Kardashians in a Super Bowl ad. A shape-up lawsuit was filed against the company because of these claims. They also did not provide any evidence that the Shape-ups had any positive effects. So, the company was forced to pay out a $40 million settlement.

A lawsuit involving the Skechers Shape-ups claims the athletic shoes sold at J.C. Penney in Mobile, Alabama, the ad also claimed that the shoe helped people lose weight and tone muscles. The lawsuit alleges that the product did not do so. The ad made a claim that is not supported. The company has disputed this claim, claiming that consumers were misled into believing it was able to tone their muscles by wearing the Shape-Ups.

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  1. We Bought two pairs of the black skechers work shape-ups. We would appreciate a refund. The shoes are dangerous and poorly made. The soles fell off.

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