Groupon Class Action Lawsuit

September 27, 2021 by Lewis

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Groupon class action lawsuits are often used to charge back monies that have been lent out by the Groupon business. These lawsuits provide a good opportunity for Class Action attorneys who file them to receive a share of any money made from the sale of a particular Groupon within certain time frames. A typical Class Action lawsuit involves a Groupon customer purchasing an item on a retail site like Amazon or a local supermarket. The customer then signs up for a monthly delivery of the item, which the retail site or supermarket claims that the customer will use for a particular time frame, such as one week. However, the customer fails to make a purchase and is not refunded.

Groupon class actions are often brought by individuals who believe that they have purchased a defective product and are in need of a refund. They contend that since the original contract did not specify a time limit for the fulfillment of the contract, they were entitled to a refund based on the date that the item was sold or delivered. Groupon class actions also include claims from retailers who have advertised a deal that includes a “redemption code,” but have failed to deliver the product to the customer within the redemption period. The retailer who fails to deliver the product within the specified redemption period is said to have “breached the implied terms of the contract.”

There are two distinct class action lawsuits that arise from Groupon class action lawsuits. One case involves an individual who purchased a “Voucher Claim Ticket” through the Groupon portal. The ticket was to attend a webinar in which the defendant would be speaking about how to earn money through the internet. The individual had to complete the vouchers by the end of the stated date or else the vouchers would expire and the holder would lose the opportunity to earn cash.

This groupon class action lawsuit ultimately resulted in the settlement of the claim. The plaintiff was entitled to a refund because the vouchers were not valid. The second case involved claims of breach of warranty. It began when a Groupon user bought gift certificates from a participating Internet website and tried to redeem the gift certificates at the participating retail location. This coupon voucher did not have an expiry date.

This groupon class action lawsuit against the defendants, Digital Marketing Associates, Inc., and Global Brand Inc. was eventually settled. The lead plaintiff in this case purchased two gift certificates valued at approximately thirty dollars each from the Groupon portal on the day of the sale. On no account did the lead plaintiff or anyone else ever enter into an agreement with the defendants to purchase these gift certificates at any time prior to the date of the sale. The defendants argued that it was impossible for a consumer to “purchase” a gift certificate from their site without entering into an agreement.

On appeal, the plaintiffs were allowed to amend their complaint by adding new plaintiffs who purchased Groupons at various dates within the three years prior to the date of this lawsuit. They also were allowed to add an additional defendant, Global Brand Inc., which had been added as a defendant in the original complaint. The Court held that, even if Global Brand Inc. was a party to the original lawsuit, as a matter of statutory construction the company was not a part of the case. Thus, the Court held that the validity of the vouchers would be restored by the expiration dates settlement deals agreed upon in the original lawsuit. A three-year expiration date, therefore, did not change the validity of the vouchers.

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  1. I have been scammed by Groupon. I purchased at least 3 Groupons that expired, but should be in my account forever for the value I paid. Well they are gone. Groupon wont go find them. I provided my credit card, expiration date, businesses and dates – they aren’t crediting me anything. Saying I never purchased them. I need representation for a class action suit. Any advice?

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