Faulty Airbags Lawsuit

September 2, 2021 by Lewis
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Lawsuits Can Occur After a Defective Airbag Deployment

If you are involved in a car crash, one of the most important things to do is call your insurance company to have your airbags deployed. However, if there is an error made and airbags are not deployed it is possible for you to file a claim against the manufacturer. If you sustain serious injuries because of faulty airbags, there are many attorneys who specialize in helping people who were injured due to these defects. The first step when filing a lawsuit is gathering all the information you can so you know what your odds are of winning your case.

Most automobile accident cases result in relatively minor injuries and some injuries turn out to be life threatening. If the injuries are severe enough to leave you unable to work or lead a normal life, it is important to consult with a personal injury lawyer right away. While it may seem obvious to consider contacting a lawyer at the very moment you experience a personal injury, it is often more difficult to do after sustaining injuries. In this instance, it may be helpful to contact a product liability lawyer right after receiving medical assistance so they can advise you on your options. There are a few reasons why consulting with a lawyer after sustaining injuries is important:

The first reason is that your lawsuit can only be filed after forty-five days pass from the date of the crash. If there is a faulty airbag that has been responsible for causing your injury, you will not have enough time to make your claim to your insurance provider. If you wait that long you might not be able to get the amount you are entitled to or even have your damages tripled. If you consult with a personal injury attorney right after the crash, they can give you advice on how to proceed in your case.

Another reason to consult with an attorney after being injured because of a defective airbag is so you do not forget about the situation. You will not be able to drive yourself to the doctor if you don’t get the medical bills paid for. This is why it is so important to file a Kylan case. When you use the term “kitchen wall” it refers to the inside pocket that most airbags use. When the airbag deployed, it could very well have hit your breast, back, or stomach.

If you were injured due to a defective airbag and are unable to work as a result, you should contact a law firm that specializes in auto accidents. These firms can tell you about the details of your particular case. If you have suffered from serious injuries such as broken bones, severe bruises, or brain damage, you may not be able to work again. Because of this, many carmakers will need to pay you a settlement so you can keep your job. If a carmaker fails to pay you this money when you have suffered a lawsuit due to their airbag, they can be held financially liable.

There are many different defects in the design of these airbags that have been identified as a cause of personal injury or death. The sad truth is that faulty crash sensors can cause wrongful deaths and injuries. When you are injured because of a faulty crash sensors, you should not sit back and wait for the other shoe to drop. Contact a car accident attorney who will help you get justice. Don’t let another family have to go through what you are going through because you did not take the time to check on your airbags.

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