Chantix Lawsuit Against Merck

Chantix lawsuit is a potential development in the world of erectile dysfunction or ED. The drug in question is Yohimbe, which was developed in Brazil but is now available worldwide. This powerful natural ingredient was originally developed to treat high blood pressure and anxiety, but recent clinical trials have shown it has positive benefits in treating erectile dysfunction. A new class of prescription drugs, called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), was discovered to be effective in treating sexual dysfunction as well.

A medical expert conducted the research and after interviewing plaintiffs who had used Chantix sued for their Chantix related accident, he found that the majority of plaintiffs were able to obtain compensation for their injuries. The odds of obtaining successful compensation were very low. However, there was one case in which this was the case. After reviewing all the medical records, the court ruled in favor of the plaintiff. The court found that despite the fact that Yohimbe was not approved by the FDA for use as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, there were sufficient indications to show that he may have been the cause of the accident.

However, this particular case involved relatively minor injuries and did not result in any Chantix related lawsuits. Another case, in which an insurance company was negligent and ruled in favor of the defendant, resulted in a substantial amount of Chantix lawsuit related expenses. The insurance company was ordered to pay more than $2 million in damages and will be required to cover all of the medical expenses that were incurred by both plaintiffs and their immediate family members. Even though the damages awarded in this case were not as large, they still greatly affected the financial well being of the plaintiff’s family.

While the number of Chantix lawsuit claims are increasing, the number of successful claims received are decreasing. This may have something to do with the massive amount of medical tests that need to be performed prior to submitting a lawsuit. It could also be related to the legal strategy adopted by some of the plaintiffs in the past. Many of them tried to get compensation from the manufacturer on the basis that they had to accept the risk of being contaminated with unsafe levels of the drug.

Before selecting a settlement company, it is best that the plaintiff gets in touch with several such companies. The fee that they charge is a percentage of the amount that they recover. The initial fee is nominal and should be paid without delay. The fee charged by the attorneys in such cases is supposed to compensate them for the time and effort they put into preparing the case. They also get a certain percentage of the settlement amount if the case is successful.

Chantix lawsuit claims are filed by persons who are suffering from ailments associated with the harmful side effects of taking the drug. These side effects include lack of energy, nausea, depression, sexual dysfunction, excessive fatigue and others. There are also other associated risks like the development of kidney-related problems, heart-related problems, cancer and others. If you are one of those persons who believe that you or your loved one is affected by Chantix related problems, then you should not waste any time and contact a reputed attorney as soon as possible.

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  1. It has hurt in a way that it messed up my nervous system my arms jump my legs will jump… my hands will also jump when I am on the computer at night when trying to sleep also and a lot more

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