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July 27, 2022 by Lewis
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If you’re looking for a good attorney, the county of Lewis and Clark offers four attorneys who are highly rated. In this article, we’ll take a look at Kevin Downs, Dan Guzynski, Corey Swanson, and Leo Gallagher. Here, we’ll compare their qualifications and experience to help you make an informed choice. And don’t worry – our advice is not meant to be biased!

Kevin Downs

You can learn more about the attorney running for Lewis and Clark County public administrator and attorney, Kevin Downs, by reading BallotReady. The online resource allows you to view and compare candidate bios, experience, education, case histories, and more. It’s free and easy to claim a profile. You can also add your contact information, highlighting your experience, speaking engagements, and other information. This way, your potential voter can get the full picture of Kevin Downs and his background.

Two candidates filed for the position, Charles Lane and Kevin Downs. One is a state attorney, while the other is a former deputy county attorney. The election is on April 16, and most voters should receive their ballots soon. The candidates running for Lewis and Clark County attorney are:

Dan Guzynski

The Lewis and Clark County Attorney’s race is an open one with three candidates in the running. Leo Gallagher, who served as county attorney for 15 years, declined to seek a second term. Sheriff-Coroner Leo Dutton attracted a late challenger. “Doc” Holiday, a Lewis and Clark County resident for three years, has experience as a private investigator and district attorney’s investigator.

The state of Montana has decided to retry the case against Joseph Campbell, who is accused of deliberate homicide over public land. On March 4, the state assistant attorney general filed a motion to set a trial date. On March 4, the jury deadlocked after deliberating for nearly 13 hours. The case featured 50 witnesses and 450 pieces of evidence. The trial lasted 14 days before the jury was declared deadlocked. However, Joseph Campbell’s attorney has not seen the motion and will not comment on it.

Corey Swanson

Corey Swanson, Lewis and Clark County attorney, and Broadwater County Treasurer, are involved in a series of cases involving the shooting of Mason Moore. A man was killed in an avalanche in the California desert in 2000 and Swanson and the County Attorney’s Office stepped in to investigate. Swanson cited the Rindell trial, which will start on June 13th. He has also been involved in the review of a county interlocal agreement with the City.

Leo Gallagher

As the election period begins in Lewis and Clark County, the candidates are already lining up. Former Lewis and Clark County Attorney Leo Gallagher are stepping down from his position after 22 years, saying the county is under-funded by the state. He wants to see the county look for other revenue sources. “We need to find a way to fill the budget,” he said. “We need to fund the criminal justice system.”

The case has been referred to the state’s Attorney General’s Office, which asked for the case files. General counsel Derek Oestreicher said the AG would not prosecute the case. Lewis and Clark County Attorney Leo Gallagher, meanwhile, has asked the AG to take the case and he has done so. The AG is now reviewing the case to determine whether to pursue it.

AWARE’s Lewis and Clark County Children’s Advocacy Center

AWARE’s Lewis and Clark County Kids’ Advocacy Center provides services for children and adults in need of advocacy. Its staff includes child protection workers, prosecutors, mental health professionals, and medical providers. All staff members collaborate to provide necessary services while minimizing the negative impact on children. The center’s team of professionals utilizes a child-friendly forensic interviewing process. This approach minimizes the number of interviews that a child needs to undergo. The staff at AWARE is committed to excellence in child abuse response and prevention through service.

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