Fosamax Femur Lawsuit Update

October 6, 2021 by Lewis
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FOSAMax Lawsuit Update – Why FOSAMax is Being Used Against Sex Addicts

The fosamax lawsuit has been ongoing in the Federal Court in Manhattan, since October, when a class action lawsuit was filed against Fosamax LLC, the manufacturer of fosamax. The complaint in this case sought damages for permanent joint pain and a disfigurement to one woman that resulted from fosamax use. At that point, fosamax was on the prescription drug list of doctors across the country.

According to the complaint, the defendant failed to warn plaintiffs that the product caused severe damage to one woman, a known carcinogen. She had a malignant tumor removed from her neck as a result of fosamax use and now suffers from the cancer-causing condition in that area. As was stated in the complaint, it is very important for plaintiffs who have tumors to seek medical attention immediately upon discovering them. Fosamax was not properly warned of this potential side effect by the defendant.

A second plaintiff, who had been the subject of extensive trauma as a result of fosamax claims is expected to receive a settlement in the near future. As we mentioned in our fosamax lawsuit update, many plaintiffs are not only seeking monetary damages for pain and suffering, but also want to be paid for their loss of work time due to their debilitating condition. A pre-trial conference has been set for later this month. If one of the attorneys can’t settle these issues out of court, then they will be able to go to trial.

Plaintiffs who are seeking monetary compensation need to understand that the risks associated with FOSAMax are real. It can cause erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire. Although many plaintiff’s attorneys stress that the risks of the drug are exaggerated and only a small percentage of the patients experience long-term complications, it is important to remember that these are real issues. Moreover, if the jury rules in favor of the defendant, they may be awarded punitive damages as well. If you are a sex addict who has received FOSAMax and pornography addiction treatment, it is important that you understand the serious side effects and the concerns involved in filing a lawsuit.

Some people believe that they are simply bringing shame and embarrassment to the lives of their partners. It should be stated, however, that the fosamax was never intended to treat sex addiction. This is an attempt at an electronic fix. In other words, you are asking the courts for permission to gamble with your body and health. That is a bad idea.

FOSAMax was developed for treating spastic leg syndrome by suppressing dopamine levels in the brain. While this may seem good in some cases, it has been proven that it can cause erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire, and even impotency. This drug was never intended to treat sexual addiction or pornography addiction. This is yet another case where the plaintiff’s attorney may be right about the dangers of FOSAMax. Before you sign a contract for FOSAMax treatment, it is important that you consult with your physician and a trained sex addiction expert to get an accurate evaluation of your case.

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