El Paso District Attorney: Who Will Prosecute Your Case?

July 11, 2022 by Lewis
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If you are a victim of a crime, you may be wondering who will prosecute the case. El Paso’s District Attorney’s Office prosecutes adult felony and misdemeanor cases. Find out what makes a good prosecutor and who you can trust in your case. Read on to learn more about the El Paso district attorney’s office. There are several positions to consider, including homicide prosecutor and specialized domestic violence unit.

Yvonne Rosales

Under Rosales’ tenure, several initiatives have been scrapped. One initiative, the 24-Hour Domestic Violence Contact Initiative, is no longer in effect. Those programs involved home visits from DA investigators and victim advocates. The Rosales administration has also rescinded the 24-Hour Domestic Violence Contact Initiative altogether, citing financial constraints. Meanwhile, the new administration has reduced the number of assault cases filed against alleged abusers by 60 percent, including both misdemeanor and felony assault. The DA’s office has declined to move forward with many domestic violence cases when victims did not press charges.

Critics of Rosales’ administration question the new district attorney’s priorities. While acknowledging newly elected officials’ right to set priorities, they question why the district attorney did not establish a domestic violence unit before she took office. Baca, meanwhile, is now a judge in the 346th Judicial District Court. This new policy has sparked a wide range of criticism online.

specialized domestic violence unit

The El Paso district attorney’s office recently closed a specialized domestic violence unit. The unit compiled evidence and offered quick response services for victims of family violence. Since the unit’s closure, the office has filed 60 percent fewer assault cases against alleged abusers. However, there is a trend: the number of family violence arrests has increased. While Rosales’ office has acknowledged that it is within its rights to adjust priorities after being elected, some critics question the need for a specialized domestic violence unit.

The Family Violence Unit was created in 1999. The goal of this unit is to assist special victims who need more focused policing. It provides 24-hour contact to victims of family violence, information about local resources, and emotional support. A specialized domestic violence unit is a vital part of the prosecution process. It helps ensure that victims of family violence are prosecuted. In addition to prosecuting alleged abusers, the unit helps the victims seek compensation for losses.

public corruption investigation

El Paso has recently become the focus of a grand jury public corruption investigation. The grand jury is investigating El Paso district attorney Jaime Esparza’s alleged money laundering and theft. In the case of Esparza, the grand jury met with him before presenting evidence against him. Typically, grand juries do not allow the target of a grand jury to present evidence. This case has a lot of potentials.

In October 2010, prosecutors said that Flores demanded a 10 percent commission from state contractors. In 2010, the El Paso district attorney was found guilty of perjury and tampering with public records after failing to disclose an income of $800,000. He received probation and a $1,000 fine and did not run for reelection. The El Paso district attorney’s public corruption investigation is the latest chapter in the case.

homicide prosecutor

An El Paso homicide prosecutor is in hot water over a murder trial. Judge Sam Medrano issued a gag order on Friday, barring the media from discussing the case. However, it’s unclear whether the district attorney will pursue the death penalty in this case. A homicide trial in El Paso would take about two years, and a capital murder trial would take about four.

The Deputy District Attorney, Sean May, was shot to death by members of a gang. He was aggressively prosecuting Surenos when he was shot. It is unclear who killed him, but it’s believed that 211 Crew members mistakenly shot him. Despite his aggressiveness, the killers have yet to be brought to justice. This murder case is one of the most difficult murder cases in El Paso.

number of cases handled by the office

El Paso’s 34th Judicial District Attorney’s Office prosecutes crimes in the city of El Paso and the surrounding areas. In 2021, the office handled 2,098 cases, falling short of its goal of 26,750. Last year, the office disposed of 24,503 cases. The DA’s office attributed the reduction to case processing challenges. However, the office remains committed to its mission of pursuing justice and reducing crime in the city.

In the first year of Rosales’ administration, prosecutors filed 60% fewer felony and misdemeanor assault cases against alleged abusers, according to the DA’s office. This change was accompanied by a decline in cases of domestic violence when victims failed to press charges. In addition, the new administration was unable to find enough evidence in the cases filed by the previous administration.

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