Wise Food Lawsuit

In Wise Food Fight, the story of a woman who lost her battle against the makers of gluten-filled food had a lot to do with her winning that lawsuit and using the story to encourage other women to come forward and file similar lawsuits. The storyline is a good one. It involves the personal and professional lives of a woman in her thirties who suffers from celiac disease. She comes down with a case of food poisoning and later goes to the emergency room suffering from dehydration. When she is eventually diagnosed with a gluten allergy, she is devastated that this may have been the cause of her condition.

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Wise Food Lawsuit

After undergoing numerous tests and medication, she is diagnosed as having a gluten allergy. She then begins to search for a lawyer who might be able to help her file a lawsuit against Glutino. This particular company is one of the largest manufacturers of gluten-filled products throughout the United States. The company has manufactured many popular foods such as spaghetti, cookies, cakes, muffins, potato chips, and hot dogs. Glutino was one of the first major food manufacturers to use wheat as a filler in their products.

When Wise Food Fight attorney Victoria Czaia was hired to represent the plaintiff, she quickly realized that Glutino was a defendant in more than one lawsuit. A number of women who had eaten Glutino products while shopping at certain retailers or websites had filed similar lawsuits against them. When she began looking into the validity of these claims, the evidence suggested that the food industry was in fact guilty of much worse actions than simply stocking shelves with potentially harmful fillers. Glutino and other gluten-filled companies were being accused of knowingly selling food that was dangerous to consumers. As a result of this litigation, Wise Food Lawsuit was born.

Victoria Czaia contacted Wise Food Lawsuit and began working with the firm. Her initial goals included forming a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer and settling individual claims amongst the collective class. A second goal was to have the FDA regulate the use of gluten in regards to creating bread products. The FDA did issue a statement mandating that any food containing wheat, rye, or barley must clearly indicate on the label that it is, in fact, gluten free. This ruling cleared the way for consumers to receive safer food without having to make an expensive appeal to court.

Wise Food lawsuit has seen a wide range of attorneys over the last year. Currently, the litigation is being handled by Paul J. Demant. This is the same attorney who handled the lawsuit against Chobani following their recall of the plant food called Primal Defense. The attorney has handled a number of high profile cases including the lawsuit against Dr. Perricone for his controversial anti-aging regimen. The attorney is well known in the field of personal injury as a result of his television appearances and court room experience.

Wise Food lawsuit is currently seeking monetary compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and for past and future pain and suffering. There are also additional stipulations which will be discussed in court when the lawsuit goes to trial. Additional monetary payments will be determined after the conclusion of the trial. If you feel you may meet this case at all risk, contact an attorney who has experience in handling similar cases.

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