Why Is A Reverse Merrick Purina Lawsuit Possible?

September 5, 2021 by Lewis
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You are probably aware of the Merrick Purina lawsuit against OJ Simpson. While the details of that case have been covered in media for some time now, it is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Many have criticized Simpson for not doing enough to help with the aftermath of his marriage meltdown, while others have praised him for speaking out and taking responsibility for his actions. In any case, the attorney general from California issued a statement saying, “Simpson has now admitted to committing adultery and has consented to enter into a binding settlement agreement with Merrick Purina Inc.”

The case was brought forth as a result of a suit filed by Robert Merrick, a friend of Simpson’s who died in the accident. According to the suit, Merrick witnessed the accident and spoke with Simpson immediately following the crash. He then stayed at the scene and tended to Simpson until emergency services arrived. Simpson reportedly told Merrick and another individual that he felt fine after the accident.

When emergency services arrived at the scene, it was determined that Simpson had indeed driven the vehicle into a fence on the side of the road. There were no other cars or pedestrians in the immediate area. As a result of this discovery, Merrick pursued a wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson. The jury initially ruled in favor of Simpson, but on appeal the US Supreme Court overturned this decision, stating that Merrick had failed to show that he was in danger of losing his life due to the accident.

Simpson was ultimately tried and convicted of DUI. However, the conviction was later reduced to a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of one year. This meant that Simpson would have to serve only one year in jail. He also paid Merrick a visit and spent several hours at the gravesite of Merrick’s father. Following this visit, Simpson repaid Merrick’s debt.

Simpson’s defense team pursued an all out effort to discredit Merrick as a fact finder and to paint the deceased as a person without any remorse. However, Merrick’s lawsuit paints a different picture of the accident. Although Simpson’s lawyers attempted to portray him as a “lazy” and “mindless” person, the lawsuit portrays him as a cautious and careful driver. After taking his children to a skate park, he took a few minutes to carefully drive through the area, avoiding possible accidents. This careful driving was what led to the accident with Merrick.

Simpson was ultimately found not liable for Merrick’s wrongful death. He was ordered to pay Merrick’s expenses and legal fees. Although it may be difficult for some family members to accept the loss of a loved one, the wrongful death lawsuit will at least bring comfort to the surviving members of the deceased’s family.

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