Should You Join a Chinese Drywall Lawsuit?

December 5, 2022 by Lewis
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If you are in the market for new drywall, you may be wondering if you should join a Chinese Drywall lawsuit. This article will cover the health concerns that may be associated with this product, the cost of repairs, and the possible outcome of a class-action lawsuit. If you have suffered these health problems due to Chinese Drywall, you may want to read this article. We will discuss the reasons that you should file a lawsuit against the company and how to get a free case evaluation.

Class action lawsuit against Chinese drywall manufacturer

A class action lawsuit against a Chinese drywall manufacturer has been filed in federal court. The suit involves more than two hundred plaintiffs who are seeking restitution for their injuries caused by defective Chinese drywall. The manufacturer, Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co., will be sued in Virginia in early 2010.

Those who are eligible to receive a settlement will receive an estimate for the amount of money they could recover, depending on the amount of drywall they had installed in their homes and how much they spent on repairs. However, there may be some limitations. Some Class Members will be eligible for much less than $100,000. However, they will still be eligible for a settlement, as the amount depends on their claim submission and the number of drywall they had in their home.

The air-filtration system won’t work

The lawsuits against Chinese drywall manufacturers are nationwide. There are several class actions and thousands of individual cases. Of those, 10 bellwether cases were in Louisiana and Virginia. But when the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) transferred the cases to the Eastern District of Louisiana, a multidistrict litigation court, the lawsuits were consolidated and pretrial proceedings were coordinated. A judge in New Orleans, a federal court, has awarded seven homeowners 2.6 million in settlements.

In the lawsuits, plaintiffs’ attorneys have suggested that the problem is connected to synthetic gypsum, a product of coal ash. This product is a byproduct of a scrubbing process designed to remove sulfur dioxide from coal-fired power plants. Interestingly, nearly half of the drywall in the U.S. is made with synthetic gypsum or FGD drywall. It is not regulated by the federal government. However, the EPA supports the reuse of gypsum.

Health problems caused by drywall

The allegations of health problems caused by Chinese drywall have sparked class-action lawsuits against numerous U.S. drywall manufacturers. These lawsuits allege high levels of sulfur compounds in drywall, which can impact internal wiring and air conditioning systems. Many of the defendants are named in multiple lawsuits, including Chinese-based manufacturers, importers, and developers. One of these lawsuits has already involved more than 20 manufacturers. Other similar lawsuits are pending in other states.

Since May 2009, more than two million sheets of drywall from China were imported into the United States. The EPA found that the drywall in question contained sulfides, formaldehyde, and various metals. The drywall is especially bad in the South, where the climate is very warm and moist. Experts are concerned that Chinese drywall will take several years to cause problems in dry areas.

Cost of repairs

A Miami jury awarded $2.4 million to seven families who purchased tainted Chinese drywall. They purchased it from the company Banner Supply Co., which manufactures the product in Northern China. The company also sold the drywall to the Taishan Gypsum Co. In April, a jury awarded $2.6 million to seven Virginia families who purchased tainted Chinese drywall. The settlement will require the companies to set up funds to repair 4,500 properties across four states.

The drywall sold by these companies has been linked to a wide range of health problems. The chemicals used to make this product emit high levels of hydrogen sulfide, which can damage pipes and cause respiratory problems in home occupants. Typical repairs will run from 100 to 150 thousand dollars. Some homeowners are even suffering from breathing problems, allergies, and asthma attacks as a result of the drywall. This is a corrosive and expensive issue, and you will likely need to spend thousands of dollars fixing the damage.

Class-action settlement

The Chinese Drywall Class-Action Settlement was reached last month. The settlement funds will be distributed to those who are eligible to receive them. To join the class, homeowners must have a defective piece of Chinese drywall in their home. The Chinese Drywall Class-Action Settlement is a result of a multi-faceted process that involved mailing notices to every courthouse in the country and creating a call center to answer questions about the lawsuit and the Settlement.

Although the settlement provided significant compensation to the plaintiffs, some are concerned that the amount of money does not cover their actual losses. The plaintiffs’ primary concern is the allocation of the funds. The Settlement fails to account for actual property damages and remediation costs. Although Taishan did not manufacture the drywall in the plaintiffs’ homes, the settlement does not give sufficient funds to reimburse all plaintiffs. While the Taishan Settlement may provide compensation for the damages caused to their homes, the allocation criteria do not properly consider the plaintiffs’ actual losses and expenses.

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