Polybutylene Pipe Lawsuit

August 11, 2021 by Lewis
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Why Should You Use a Plumbing Attorney for Polybutylene Pipe Lawsuit Appeal?

Polybutylene pipe lawsuit protection is an important topic in Florida at the moment. After all, Florida is a state hit so hard by hurricanes and coastal flooding that it would be a terrible shame if its residents didn’t do something to protect themselves against such disasters. In Florida, residents have the right to sue builders who create the potential environmental hazards of coastal erosion and loss of property values, and who do not properly disclose the dangers of pipes made out of such material.

Polybutylene Pipe Lawsuit

Polybutylene pipe lawsuit protection is also pertinent to any homeowners or business owners who may have been harmed by unlicensed contractors. Often, when unlicensed contractors are working on homes for middle-income families, they don’t even know the risks that they are running. Even worse, they may simply do what they need to do in order to keep the job, and they’ll often know nothing about the materials they are putting into the walls and floorboards. When it comes to the more affluent, this can be deadly.

That’s why every homeowner should understand the importance of having a skilled personal injury attorney at the ready to handle any lawsuit involving liability for damage or injury caused by work performed in Florida. This includes claims arising from personal injury brought about by contractors using dangerous and unlicensed materials. Even if your plumbing has been damaged or destroyed by water coming in through a busted pipe, it is still possible to file a claim against the builder and insurance companies who may be liable for your troubles. The problem is that many Florida residents who are affected by flooding have already paid their monthly insurance premiums. If this is the case, Florida residents may be unable to receive any monetary assistance from insurance companies to help offset the costs of damage restoration.

What will you get if you’re a victim of this type of negligence? A qualified pipe lawsuit lawyer who understands these types of cases will likely be familiar with the dangers associated with unlicensed work. He or she may also have experience in dealing with insurance companies. Most lawyers will use the same approach and will ask for a summary of damages. If you’re fortunate, this will include a breakdown of your expenses and the extent of damage to your home. Your lawyer may also request copies of repair estimates that were given to other local contractors and landlords, as well as copies of any previous inspections and reports.

Your attorney will also review the records of the initial water supply pipes installed in your home. Once you’ve established the scope of the damage, he or she will attempt to secure additional evidence through various sources. Among those sources will be the contractor and any subcontractors working with him or her. He or she may also obtain information from your bank, the Florida department of health, the city, county, or state’s public works department of Revenue. Together with the local property taxes, your attorney will attempt to establish a class-action lawsuit against the property owner or company.

In the end, your Polybutylene pipe lawsuit represents a way for you to obtain financial compensation for injuries you endured. The main reason why this is necessary is because you must rely on property taxes to maintain your home. The fines levied by the Florida Board of Equalization are not only costly, but they do nothing to restore your home’s value. If the pipes in question were installed using non-recycled or recyclable materials, your attorney can help you get compensated for those damages.

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  1. our house has polybutylene piping throughout, it was built in 1991. Last saturday the water line to the master bath toilet burst and flooded half of the house. Carpets, wood flooring, baseboards, and some sheet rock destroyed. Is it possible to collect on this? Can we file a legal action against the company that made the pipe?

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