Polybutylene Pipe Lawsuit in Florida

October 2, 2021 by Lewis

Florida is well known for its enjoyment of sunshine and the warm temperatures it enjoys year round. However, one should not forget Florida’s dependence on other types of plumbing as well. This means that not only are there many household and industrial hazards a person may come in contact with, but there is also the danger of a dangerous chemical or other spill occurring as well. This is where a polybutylene pipe lawsuit in Florida may prove to be very useful.

In the city of Jacksonville, Florida, a polybutylene pipe lawsuit has recently been brought about because a man was exposed to this harmful material while doing some construction work. The result of his negligence has been death. So far, this accident has been handled by the Florida Department of Health. However, no one from the health department has yet filed any charges against the contractor. This means that at the present time, the situation is still unclear.

In Lake Worth, Florida, a suit similar to the one in Jacksonville was filed against a plumber who failed to make sure that his contractor-dweller used the proper type of polybutylene pipe when doing some basement wall and floor repairs. A fire broke out and after a firefighting company arrived, the homeowner smelled something musty and realized that her basement walls had caught fire. The resulting damage rendered the house uninhabitable. When she called the fire department for help, they could not find anything wrong with the walls. Therefore, the city of Lake Worth filed a lawsuit against the plumber, blaming him for the fire and causing him to pay a reported $6 million in judgments to the residents of the home.

If you are a resident in Lake Worth or Jacksonville, Florida, who has been or thinks you might be a victim of a similar situation, you need to seek legal counsel. An experienced attorney specializing in litigating cases involving toxic pipe chemicals can help you fight back in court, help you receive compensation for your suffering, and protect you from ongoing health hazards. An experienced attorney can help you obtain the most substantial judgment possible and prevent your polybutylene pipe lawsuit in Florida from being thrown out due to lack of evidence.

For many homeowners, they do not know the full details of the polybutylene pipe lawsuit in Florida. If you are unaware of this type of lawsuit, it is quite common. This lawsuit involves an individual whose house was flooded due to a faulty plumbing system that was maintained by a company that did not have the proper permits to do business in the area. If you have been or think you may be a victim of this type of plumbing negligence, an experienced attorney can help you get a fair and just resolution to your plumbing issues. No one needs to live in fear because of potential hazards from pipes made of polybutylene.

An attorney specializing in litigating cases involving these types of hazardous products can make a big difference in your case outcome. He or she will be able to gather all the evidence that is necessary in order to prove that you were injured due to negligence on the part of the company manufacturing the product. If you are going to pursue a lawsuit involving a polybutylene pipe product, make sure you retain an experienced attorney to represent your best interests. Don’t wait until you experience a tragic accident before taking action. You may be able to recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

3 thoughts on “Polybutylene Pipe Lawsuit in Florida

  1. I reside in a condo community at Winter Ridge in Winter Haven FL. My comdo was built in 1992 and polyethylene piping was used. I’ve had leaks and experienced difficulties having new faucets installed due to these pipes being weak. I require assistance to pursue a law suit against the builder or manufacturer or get involved in the class action lawsuit. I am a senior and on a fixed income. It would not be possible to have my condo unit repiped. I hope you can assist me.

  2. I bought a home and was told we have to change the polybutylene piping, is there a way, a class action lawsuit can start so homeowners can get the proper piping installed because it was no fault of the buyer, the home was never repiped by the previous insurance company once the piping had been practically banned since the early 90’s? Orange County, Florida

  3. During December 2021 we purchased a residence in Naples FL. Weeks later on New Years Eve while at a neighbors party we learned that all houses on the street were plumbed with PB piping.
    Is a realtor and seller required to disclose this material defect?

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