HSBC class action lawsuit on mortgages

HBC Class Action Lawsuit On Mortgages HSBC class action lawsuit on mortgages is a scheme in which people who have been affected by mortgages take legal action against the lender. This type of class action lawsuit on mortgages is similar to that of

Walmart Stock Litigation Payouts

There has been a lot of discussion in the media recently about Walmart stock lawsuit payouts. It seems as if every time there is an investigation into any of the activities of the company, they have to come up with a way to defend themselves. This ha
Personal Injury

Finding the Best Accident Injury Lawyer

When you are involved in a car accident injury case, your goal should be to find the best Accident Injury Lawyer available in the area. An experienced personal injury attorney understands what exactly you as a victim of the collision must go through

A Reexamination of the Merrick Purina Lawsuit

A Merrick Purina lawsuit is one of the most talked about legal cases in recent years. In 2021, a New York man filed a lawsuit against Purina after it was discovered that the Purina brand had used lead in its dog food. The dog, known as "Old Dog" died

The Chantix Lawsuit

One of the most important aspects of a Drug Injury lawsuit is in the discovery phase, which in short is the waiting time before the defendant is able to answer the allegations. In the case of Chantix and its generic, VigRx plus, both plaintiffs and d

Information Providers Inc Lawsuit

Information Providers Settles For Malpractice - Why Do They Sue? The plaintiff's medical professional, along with an individual skilled in the area of law to help them, may find themselves in a position to be sued by one or more information provid

The Pros And Cons Of Massage Heights Lawsuits

If you have ever been injured due to someone's failure to maintain massage tables in a professional and safe manner, then you might have a case against the person. If you do feel that you were the victim of negligence when it comes to a massage table

What is a Bank Overdraft Fee Lawsuit?

A Bank Overdraft Fee Lawsuit is one way that a customer can seek justice for charges they incur from bank overdrafts. A Bank Overdraft Fee Lawsuit can be filed by a consumer who has incurred overdraft charges from a bank or credit union and who then

Class Action Lawsuit Against Groupon

New Notice of Infringement Groupon and its founder, Mike Dillard, have agreed to settle their securities fraud case with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an undisclosed amount. This means that the company will pay shareholders over $6.5