Marshalls Lawsuit

May 6, 2021 by Lewis
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No Deal Brexits For Obama – What’s His Play?

The Marshalls Lawsuit is one of the largest bottled water companies in the country. They are notorious for their lawsuits and their attempts to put companies out of business due to their lawsuits. This week, they announced that they would be changing their bottled water production processes. Some say this is a good thing while others decry it as another ploy to force Congress to regulate bottled water.

Marshalls Lawsuit

This move by the Marshalls is in direct contra to the wishes of members of congress and most of the members of the Senate and House. Those who voted against stricter regulations of bottled water did not want to see the company go out of business. In fact, many of them voted to hamstring the Food and Drug Administration with regulations concerning mandatory labels regarding the contaminants in bottled waters. In short, they do not want to increase regulation, they want to regulate.

It should come as no surprise that the company made the announcement about their new bottled water production process changes in response to the recent food shortages and the worst case scenarios outlined in the book of doom by the book of Washington D. C. by Doug Ross.

In fact, one has to ask if the company realizes that the food shortages and the lack of infrastructure in Iraq and elsewhere are causing millions to become unemployed and that the real problem is not the shortages but the policies of the politicians and their inability to create jobs. So, why is the company changing its tune and strategy when it comes to dealing with the current crisis?

One of the reasons that the company has changed its tune and now says that they will not spend money on political contributions is that many of them have received substantial donations over the last several months from special interest groups.

Some of these contributions may have been money laundering efforts in order to cover up losses in the current crisis. Many of these contributions came from groups with an agenda to defeat the Obama administration and further delay any new deals with Iran or other countries with nuclear weapons.

The new no-deal, no-bill and no-trade letter from Michael Gove that the president signed on Sunday says that he was not involved in the drafting of this letter. This may be true but then who was Dr. Larry Sellwood who is the CEO of Marshalls and was responsible for the writing of the plan. This could be said to be the “real” Michael Gove. In addition to lying through his teeth about his involvement in the process said to be a highly complicated inter-deal negotiation between the P5+1 and Iran which resulted in the release of four U.S. citizens held prisoner for simply trying to get to Europe. So, it appears either Sellwood is incompetent or in bed with the Democrats to pull the wool over the eyes of the American People and deceive them into believing that he was not involved in the drafting of this letter.

Also in the same segment, Michael Gove indicated that his department’s overall goal was to negotiate a deal that did not require new concessions for the United States or new relocations of facilities for the U.S.

However, his comments directly contradict what his department had stated in their release. For example, according to their release, they had said that they would not require Iran to agree to additional rounds of talks before the six-party talks conclude. Yet, in Michael Gove’s statement, he indicated that negotiations would continue until certain conditions are met.

What were these conditions? Well, according to the same attorney who authored the “affidavit of fact” stating that Michael Gove was not an architect of the letter, they included a requirement that Iran agree not to enrich uranium for fourteen years or face a financial penalty. Additionally, the no-deal provisions of the letter required the UN to consult the United States on all matters related to the nuclear program. Now, it is a bit confusing that the United States is demanding that the UN to change its position on whether or not Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons capabilities, while demanding that the UN to allow the United States to have a free hand to negotiate with Iran on the issue of no-deal and no-funded. This is rather confusing.

In short, the no-deal Brexxit is simply another ploy by the Obama Administration and his team of ideologues to fleece the American People into believing that they are fighting for their freedoms, when really the President and his team are just shoving their political pet projects down their throats.

The other no-deal Brexxit demands included the cancellation of the sanctions against Iran, the termination of the Iraq War, a reversal on our efforts to combat Al Qaeda, and an acceleration of our efforts in Afghanistan. So, it appears that the Obama Administration, along with their stooge in the State Department, think they can win this latest ploy over the heads of the British and French. However, it is far from clear that anything is going to happen on day one because no-one is running the show. Still, it is looking as though the no-deal Brexit could indeed become a reality if somehow the European Union and the Chinese stick their necks out for the no-deal Brexit. Please consider all this and think on it.

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