Kaiser Lawsuit

Kaiser Disability Insurance has settled a number of cases that were brought against the company. In one of these cases, an asbestos lawsuit was brought forth against Kaiser Permanente by a former employee. The man became ill at work. He then filed a suit against the company, claiming he had developed mesothelioma, and later died from it.

When the suit was brought, Kaiser did not admit to any wrongdoing, and the case was subsequently dismissed. This situation caused an uproar in the workplace. Many other employees came forward claiming they too had become ill at work due to asbestos exposure and had filed lawsuits against Kaiser. The insurer stood behind its employees and said it would fight these lawsuits.

Then, there was the case of the young woman who became paralyzed when a piece of shingles detached from her brain. She had always lived with her parents as well as her younger sister. Her family thought nothing of the medical condition and did not file any type of lawsuit. But once the news of her injury hit the news channels, the case got publicity. People began to call her by her name, and visit the website where she maintained a blog. Her story eventually made its way onto the front page of USA Today.

Another case involved a young woman who was crushed under a large desk while working at a school. She had been working at a hospital receiving physical therapy for her handicap. According to her attorney, this particular hospital’s ergonomics was so bad, that patients often suffered from serious back problems while sitting in their chairs. The hospital eventually settled the case with a $1.75 million settlement.

There are many more of these types of lawsuits. One of the most common is filed by a patient who develops neck pain as a result of a doctor’s carelessness. Doctors have been found liable for inflicting unnecessary pain. A case in Ohio resulted in a settlement. A young woman received a settlement after suing her doctor for wrongful death.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of one of these cases, you should seek legal counsel immediately. Consulting an experienced attorney will ease your concerns about your case and make sure you receive just compensation. You can find out more about your own case by consulting an attorney. In the meantime, talk to your lawyer about what you’re entitled to. The worst thing you can do is sign anything without knowing what you’re signing.

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