Google Offers Settlement For Pixel Microphone Lawsuit

May 1, 2022 by Lewis
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A class-action lawsuit alleges that Google knowingly sold defective microphones for the Pixel XL smartphones. A settlement offers up to $350, but there are other options as well. One popular hairdryer trick may fix the pixel microphone. You may want to try this before you file a lawsuit. However, a hairdryer won’t fix the problem permanently. The lawsuit will need proof of the issues with your microphone.

The class-action lawsuit alleges Google knowingly sold faulty microphones on Pixel and Pixel XL

In a recent class-action lawsuit, a San Francisco law firm alleged that Google knowingly sold faulty microphones on its Pixel and XL phones. The plaintiffs, who purchased the phones in 2016, claim that Google knew the microphones were defective and failed to fix them. According to the lawsuit, Google knew of the microphone problem and did not fix it, despite receiving complaints from consumers.

As part of the settlement, Google has agreed to reimburse the devices’ owners $7.25 million, which is a small amount compared to the damages alleged. It is also worth noting that Pixel owners do not have to have experienced microphone issues to qualify for the cash settlement. If you are one of the affected Pixel owners, read on to learn how to file a claim and how to get your money.

Class action settlement offers up to $350

Google has finally offered a settlement for the Pixel microphone lawsuit. The company has divided the payouts into four categories. The highest is $500, while the lowest is $350. The amount that Pixel owners are eligible for depends on how many devices they have and how many have experienced the same issue. The payout is pro-rated and based on the number of Pixels affected. In other words, the group with the most Pixels will get more money.

To qualify for the settlement, Pixel microphone users must have purchased the microphone before January 4, 2017. If you have a Pixel phone, check the date on the box. If the date doesn’t appear on the box, contact Google or your carrier. Once you’ve verified the date of manufacture, visit the settlement website to file a claim. If you receive an offer, follow the instructions carefully. Those who didn’t receive a settlement could still file a lawsuit against Google.

The class-action lawsuit alleges Google breached a warranty

A law firm in San Francisco, California, filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Google for allegedly breaching its warranty on the Pixel microphone. The firm’s clients purchased Pixel smartphones in 2016 and are now complaining that the microphones have been defective ever since. The suit, Weeks v. Google, was filed in federal court in San Jose, California, and claims that Google did not properly disclose the defect and failed to respond to warranty claims. Instead of offering Weeks a refund or a replacement unit, Google replaced the phone with a new one that had a different microphone problem.

The complaint was filed by Girard Gibbs on behalf of two plaintiffs: Patricia Weeks and Waleed Anbar. Both women bought Pixel phones in 2016 and encountered the defective microphone problem within one year of purchasing them. They also took photos of the microphone problem on their phones to show Google’s attention to the defect. The lawsuit states that the phone owners who purchased the Pixel phones before October 2016 are eligible for the refund and will receive $500 if their devices are found to have the issue.

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