Ditech Financial Foreclosure Class Action Lawsuit

February 5, 2022 by Lewis

A proposed class-action lawsuit has been filed against Ditech Financial, LLC by a Virginia resident. The suit alleges that the company illegally reported inaccurate information on debtors’ credit reports and failed to investigate a dispute. The case seeks damages of up to $25.5 million and the plaintiff hopes that the settlement will lead to an end to more than eight hundred foreclosure cases. While the claim may be difficult to prove, it is a strong step towards protecting debtors’ rights.

A lawsuit based on a class action is a great way to pursue compensation for people who have suffered from similar problems.

The plaintiff can ask for compensation based on the number of victims and the type of harm they suffered. The company can also be sued by a representative plaintiff. The Ditech lawsuit was filed in the state of South Carolina. If you are interested in filing a class action, you can find more information on the lawsuit at Consumer Action.

There are currently more than eight hundred active foreclosure actions against Ditech in New York State. In addition to filing an individual lawsuit, you can contact a representative attorney. The U.S. Trustee will decide based on the number of victims and the type of harm they suffered. A lawyer representing a consumer is qualified to represent a class of people. Whether or not the Ditech suit will be successful will depend on how well the plaintiff is represented by his or her attorney.

The plaintiffs claim that the companies failed to follow a Fannie Mae Single-Family Servicing Guide, which allows them to conduct property inspections every twenty days.

However, the companies accused of enforcing this policy did not abide by these rules. In addition to violating the guide, the company allegedly concealed its fees by calling them “Corp Adv Dist.” This resulted in the dismissal of the lawsuit.

A class-action lawsuit is the best way to prove that a company has violated federal law. It is important to note that you must first prove that the defendant acted negligently. Otherwise, you may be unable to recover damages. In this case, you must prove that the defendant did not fulfill the obligations required by the contract. Then, you must show that the law requires the company to pay for your legal expenses. Further, it is necessary to provide proof of your actual damage.

The plaintiffs in the Ditech lawsuit claim that the defendants failed to properly disclose their fees and failed to disclose the costs of their services.

The plaintiffs allege that the defendants failed to pay the fees for their inspections of homes and subsequently denied loans. As a result, the defendants have failed to honor the terms of their contracts. As a result, they are liable for their obligations under the law. But you may still be able to file a class action if you have been harmed by a Ditech financial loan.

According to the lawsuit, Ditech did not comply with the rules of the Fannie Mae Single-Family Servicing Guide. The guide says the company should only conduct a property inspection every twenty days, but that if it did, the fee would be higher than it should be. As a result, the plaintiffs are seeking a settlement of $2 million. If the settlement is approved, it could cost millions of dollars for homeowners.

The plaintiffs in the Ditech lawsuit are asking for a jury trial in New York’s bankruptcy court.

The plaintiffs are seeking to have a judge dismiss the case, which is a complex and lengthy legal action. Regardless of the outcome of the case, the plaintiffs are seeking significant damages. The company will not pay a settlement if it doesn’t receive damages in the case. It is not obligated to repay consumers.

In addition to the Ditech lawsuit, the group has also launched a separate class action in Hawaii. The suit was filed by the plaintiffs in a bankruptcy proceeding, and the judge ruled in favor of the homeowners. A judge has to grant the class action, but the class action will have to be filed in a state court. There is no time limit for the Plaintiffs to file a claim in the bankruptcy. This action will be heard by a jury in New York.

6 thoughts on “Ditech Financial Foreclosure Class Action Lawsuit

  1. Hello I have a civil lawsuit against Pentagon Federal credit union for wrongful foreclosure that left me homeless where can i get representation for the false debt . They also failed to Give the right information on a deceased.

    1. I was illegally foreclosures on . Went In front of A Judge whom granted Motion to Dismiss. Then when was supposed to get damages Lawfirm lied faked evidence Never showed the Dismissal Action transfer loan to DITECH we lost everything!!!’

  2. Ditech was given my bank mortgage and requested I come current I sent them $24,000 and they still foreclosed on me after multiple multiple inspections

  3. Finally we were able to get from under diTech (Greentree) after paying them off, but sending payments for 4 or 5 months that we didn’t get any credit for. They said we owe interest; even the $600+ each month being sent didn’t reduce any of the so-called interest amount. We had to refinance which we are still paying on this mortgage now. What actually should been a 20 year mortgage has actually cost us 40 years paying on a mortgage. We sent payments, they said we were late then they (ditech) started taking out of our bank account, without any word, we were charge additional fee. After so many debiting from our account, we had to start sending money grams,mwhich cost more money for fees. This is only a summary of the problem/problems we have gone thru with first it was Greentree, then changed name to ditech. Although the name changed the same ruly abusive unmannerable people were still in position, which that contributes to another storyline

  4. I have experienced similar unjust treatment/wrongful (mortgage) foreclosure by DITECH and I would have been included in the 2019 Class Action lawsuit, were I made aware.My home was auctioned multiple times after my family and I had been wrongfully evicted. I am an elderly/retired veteran, forced into homelessness and being persecuted perpetually for speaking out against Real Estate fraud and other wrongdoings.

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