Class Action CertainTeed Shingles Lawsuits

November 19, 2022 by Lewis
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If you believe you have a defective shingle case, you should consult with an attorney. A lawyer can evaluate your case for free and without obligation. These lawyers are willing to review any case at no charge. If you suspect that your shingles are defective, you should not wait to contact an attorney. Contact a lawyer today. You might be eligible to receive a settlement. If you have been harmed by a faulty shingle, you should contact an attorney who can investigate your case.

CertainTeed Horizon shingles

A class action lawsuit has been filed against CertainTeed for the defective shingles used on some homes. Specifically, the Horizon shingles have been linked to granule loss and shingle cracking. Although CertainTeed was notified of these problems, they have maintained that they have no record of such issues. According to the lawsuit, the shingles began cracking and losing granules in late July or early August 2017.

The lawsuit alleges that CertainTeed failed to warn consumers about the dangers of the shingles and deceived them. The plaintiffs in the current class action lawsuit allege that CertainTeed ignored their complaints and failed to implement any changes that would have prevented the deterioration. This, they claim, was a deliberate omission of essential information. Further, CertainTeed claims that the shingles were affected by premature deterioration and were never recalled.

Some homeowners say the shingles have damaged their roofs and other structures. While these damage claims are often based on faulty products, CertainTeed’s warranty offers protection against these problems. Generally, CertainTeed shingles have a 25-year warranty. However, the newer ones have a fiberglass core. A defective CertainTeed Horizon shingles lawsuit may be worth filing. However, this lawsuit is still a long way from winning your case.

CertainTeed Organic shingles

A recent class action lawsuit has settled with the CertainTeed Corporation over defective shingles. CertainTeed produced organic shingles from 1987 through 2005. Although CertainTeed denies these allegations, the company maintains that the vast majority of its shingles are free of defects and will last the full warranty period. Plaintiffs and CertainTeed reached a settlement agreement in an attempt to avoid litigation. The class action lawsuit filed against CertainTeed was settled for $16 million.

The shingles in question were sold under many brand names, including Horizon, Independence, and Hallmark. They were also sold as fiberglass shingles. The class action settlement covers certain types of organic shingles, as well as those sold by competitors. The lawsuit covers certain shingles from both the United States and Canada. To determine whether you have a claim, check your purchase documents. Chances are you purchased your shingles from a roofer who installed CertainTeed organic shingles.

If you are considering filing a lawsuit against CertainTeed, it’s important to know your rights before filing a claim. The company’s warranty policy requires them to repair or replace defective shingles for a specific amount of time after they are installed. Generally, this warranty covers the shingles for three to five years after installation. If you purchased your shingles from CertainTeed before that time, you may be eligible for compensation.

Atlas Chalet shingles

A class-action lawsuit against CertainTeed has been filed over the defective Atlas Chalet shingles. This particular type of shingle is a three-tab shingle. Its design is based on the fact that the shingles have divisions between the tabs, which creates the impression of shingle layering. The real thing is that true architectural shingles have two or three tabs.

The company was facing an uphill battle when it came to litigation, as people were unhappy with the quality of Atlas Chalet shingles. The shingles were discontinued in 2010 after thousands of complaints. Despite their high-end looks, the shingles didn’t hold up to the hype and were not sold with a warranty. They were susceptible to cracking and blistering and eventually had to be replaced. Because of this, the manufacturer was forced to settle the lawsuit with a $125,000 fine, and it is not surprising that the company has withdrawn from the class action.

The shingles are also subject to multiple class action lawsuits, as the manufacturer failed to honor warranty claims from hundreds of consumers. The shingles can crack or blister, allowing moisture to penetrate the home. If the roof fails due to this defect, it can cause damage to the interior of the home. Furthermore, the shingles may be unable to stand the weight of rain, causing the water to damage the interior of the home.

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