Bottom Freezer Fridge Leaks Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement

September 1, 2022 by Lewis
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Whirlpool has settled a class-action lawsuit over the problem of bottom-freezer fridge leaks. LG and Samsung have extended the warranties on affected refrigerators. The lawyers are trying to identify what caused the problem and to determine if there is a defect in the design of these refrigerators. If you have a bottom-freezer fridge that leaks, contact your local attorney and see if there is a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Whirlpool settles class-action lawsuit over bottom-mount freezer leaks

The Whirlpool Corporation has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit involving defective drain tubes in French door bottom-mount refrigerators. The settlement, worth $21 million, resolves the lawsuit against the company for the leakage of water from the freezers. The settlement covers all Whirlpool-made French door refrigerators. It also includes an award of $5,000 for victims.

When the Whirlpool Settlement was approved, the Court approved the Settlement’s Notice Plan. Whirlpool and its Settlement Administrator worked to put in place the Notice Plan and claims process. Claimants will be able to submit a claim using a toll-free telephone line. They will need to submit proof of water leakage, ice build-up, and a service estimate of the repair cost. If they choose to file a claim, they will also have to submit an oath as proof of ownership.

The Court also made several specific decisions about the Settlement Class. Class Counsel has experience with class-action litigation. Class Counsel found that Plaintiff does not have any interest that is adverse to the Settlement Class. The Court also found that there is no evidence that Plaintiff has a conflict of interest concerning the Settlement. It is for these reasons that the Court approved the Settlement.

LG extends the warranty for affected refrigerators

In a recent move to address consumers’ complaints, LG extended the warranty for affected bottom-freezer refrigerators. These units suffer from compressor defects. LG’s linear compressor is at the heart of its cooling process. The faulty compressors have caused issues and outright failures for some consumers. The affected bottom-freezer refrigerators fall into various price ranges. Here’s what you should know about your appliance and your warranty.

The settlement will cover the replacement costs of the cooling units of the affected refrigerators, as well as any property damage. It will also compensate Class Members for lost property or spoiled food. The total settlement may range from four hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the nature of the damage. The amount of reimbursements is not capped and depends on whether your refrigerator was defective at the time of purchase or after the warranty expired.

The affected refrigerators were manufactured and sold by LG from May 2004 to May 2005. According to the manufacturer, the affected bottom-freezer refrigerators are now covered by a nationwide warranty extension. In addition to the warranty extension, LG has also extended the manufacturer’s service contract with affected customers. Currently, a class action lawsuit against LG has been filed in the U.S., and Canadian consumers can also file a lawsuit to protect themselves.

Samsung extends the warranty for affected refrigerators

A few days ago, Samsung announced it would extend the warranty on the affected bottom-freezer refrigerators. Judi Meirowitz Tischler, a resident of Framingham, Massachusetts, bought a Samsung refrigerator three years ago and expected a prompt response from the South Korean multinational conglomerate. Instead, she received contradictory communications from Samsung’s customer service department and an abrupt silence from Samsung representatives. She eventually gave up hope and bought a new refrigerator.

Whether you want peace of mind knowing that your refrigerator is covered by a warranty or if you simply want to extend its life, a home warranty can help. It’s easy to obtain a repair through a home warranty company, and a technician will come to your home to inspect the refrigerator for you. A manufacturer’s warranty, on the other hand, involves a long process and a waiting period before a technician can visit your home.

A warranty plan from Samsung includes one-year parts and labor coverage for affected bottom-freezer refrigerators, as well as five years for the sealed refrigeration system and 10 years for the washing DD motor. However, this plan is not perfect and may have some limitations. Aside from a lack of support and repair options, a warranty plan will help you save money and time if your fridge breaks down.

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