A Reexamination of the Merrick Purina Lawsuit

September 18, 2021 by Lewis
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A Merrick Purina lawsuit is one of the most talked about legal cases in recent years. In 2021, a New York man filed a lawsuit against Purina after it was discovered that the Purina brand had used lead in its dog food. The dog, known as “Old Dog” died on the way from Ireland to his home in Ohio because of the effects of lead poisoning. While he is not being paid for his loss, this case has highlighted the problems with the Food and Drug Administration’s lax standards when it comes to the regulation of pet foods. As a result, many families have been forced to eat inferior products, while others have simply given up on dogs altogether.

The plaintiffs in this case, who are seeking compensation for their suffering, are represented by attorney David Lowe. The details of the case are rather strange, and that is the point. Lowe argues that the manufacturer knew for years that the dogs used in their product were fed lead. Yet, no attempt was made to provide alternative foods that were safer. Another suit similar to the New York man’s involves the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when thousands of dogs became ill and even died. That case is ongoing.

So, what is the main issue here? The courts seem to be unwilling to consider other, stricter interpretations of liability. This leaves the question open as to whether or not the Food and Drug Administration can be held liable for allowing a dangerous chemical to be used in food. That is the biggest dilemma. If the FDA was found to have been negligent in its handling of the Purina situation, then the agency would be liable for any injuries or death that resulted from that negligence.

If you are wondering if the FDA is going to settle the lawsuit, don’t hold your breath. The agency is under tremendous political pressure right now to approve more genetically modified foods. It is also aware that many members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, are upset at the way the FDA has handled the crisis. No final ruling has been issued yet. If a settlement does eventually come out, it won’t be very big.

You may also be interested in the fact that this is not the first time that Merrick Purina has had to deal with such a lawsuit. In fact, it is not even the first time that the company has faced such a problem. Back in 2021, it was discovered that animals in its feed were being poisoned with insecticides. The manufacturer was not held liable. It only paid a fine and is still selling its line of dog foods in the U.S.

This case is an interesting one. But there is no doubt that Merricks is part of the problem. At the same time, the quality of its products has continued to grow. And that is something that most people want. So there is no reason to worry. If you or someone you know needs to use or eat foods treated with insecticides or poisoned, do check out Merrick Purina.

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